Are good grades important?

This is the question every student asks themselves – are good grades important?

The importance of good grades varies depending on your academic and career goals. Grades are a way to measure students’ performance in school, but not the defining way to measure your future success in life. While good grades do not completely measure a person’s capabilities or skills, they are one of the few methods used to measure academic knowledge and performance. This measurement will surely affect future academic opportunities and career options. Read more to know the importance of grades in high school, college, and real life.

Good Grades in High School

If you are an aspiring Ivy Leaguer, then the importance of good grades in high school cannot be overstated. Having a 4.0 GPA is nearly a prerequisite to even apply to such schools. Beyond that, having exceptional experiences, skills, and extracurricular activities will help set you apart from competitors. Great grades are a must in this situation.

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Good grades are a prerequisite to even apply to Ivy League schools.

However, don’t be surprised to hear that students with top grades, exceptional experiences, skills, and extracurricular activities don’t get admitted to Ivy League schools. There are times when having good grades does not bring all the academic opportunities that you hoped. Many other factors are considered in university admissions offices. Some of them are in your control, but unfortunately, some are not.

Recently, The National Association for College Admission Counseling released its annual State of College Admissions report. This report shows that the most important factor that colleges consider when admitting high school applicants are grades. This is especially true in college prep courses.

Finally, let’s not forget about the prestige and pride that comes with getting top grades. Working hard and finding success is admirable in academics and any other field.

Why not be the person your classmates come to for help? Teaching others is an excellent way to increase your understanding of any topic. That makes this another way to prepare yourself for exams or standardized tests.

When you’re in university, paying for your education is one of the largest financial burdens you will have in your life. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have parents that can put you through college, scholarships become all the more necessary. To qualify for scholarships, you often have to be an above average or even an exceptional student.

In this case, grades literally translate to money. If you have good grades, you can apply for scholarships to help pay your tuition. In some cases, stellar grades can get you a ‘full ride’ and have the university pay for your education. You know what they say – grades are money. Oops, I mean time is money. Same thing right?

Good Grades in College

In university, all graduates get a degree. But how can employers differentiate between job candidates? You guessed it – grades (along with skills and extracurriculars). In American universities, students can graduate with Latin honors, which include the following: cum laude (with honor), magna cum laude (with great honor), and summa cum laude (with highest honor).

These honors reflect subject mastery, intelligence, and most importantly – a strong work ethic. Some employers only recruit and give job offers to students with these honors or students that maintain certain minimum GPA requirements.

Even when you have entered college, you can still apply for scholarships to help pay your tuition. Scholarships given to students currently in college largely depend on the grades earned or even maintaining a minimum GPA to ensure support. Here again, grades translate to money.

Real Life

This DOES NOT mean that people who don’t go to college or don’t get top notch grades at university have lost in the game of life! There are plenty examples of people reaching success without a college degree. Some of these people even change the world.

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There are plenty examples of people reaching success without a college degree.

Do some of these names sound familiar? Names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more have dropped out of college and went on to be wildly successful. However, these world-changing entrepreneurs are the exceptions and not the standard college dropouts. Most importantly, they had a range of skills and qualities that lead them to find success after they left university. Often times those skills being in technology, such as programming. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates began coding before the age of 10!

A degree is not what will make or break success in life, it’s all about adding value to many people through skills and hard work. This is especially true in 2018 where technical skills are more in demand than ever before and still growing. There is a large shortage of computer science professionals. This is especially true for programmers. These professionals are desperately needed to build the countless number of instances where we use software in our daily lives. According to a report from Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, there were as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 in occupations that required coding skills.

If you didn’t get the hint yet – we think you should learn to code!

Back to what we were saying – obtaining hard skills in computer science, design, and other fields will allow people from all backgrounds to find professional success. Companies need people with these skill sets and they only care about a person’s ability to competently do the job. If working for a company doesn’t fit, freelancing is a large and growing career path. Entrepreneurship is also a path with no degree requirements. If you have a grand idea along with the drive and skill to execute it, you can find immense success.


Good grades can open doors for students going from high school to college, students in college, and students graduating from college. Strive to get excellent grades for these reasons – you will set yourself apart from competitors and give yourself options. Guess what, more options are always a good thing.

However, if studying hard in school is not for you, you still have options. You can make sure to gain skills that can help you get a job, freelance, or create the next big startup.

One of the best ways to get good grades or learn new skills is to learn from someone who can teach you, or learn with a study buddy. Download the LearnX app to find someone to teach you or learn together with another Learner. Get the grades or get the skills!

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