Do you want to become an Artist?

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Do you want to become an Artist? What about Music Composure?

After reading my last two articles, you might be thinking pursuing Fine Arts is the way to go. But wait don’t come to conclusion yet. Fine art is also not being spared by algorithms.. Now let’s take an example. You become passionate about classical music after listening some of the master piece of J.S Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

You decided to become composure like them. Obviously you need to spent years or may be several decades to learn and practice the great work of these classical musicians. Now Imagine after spending several decades of your life you became confident enough to create original music composition similar to Bach/Beethoven or MoZart. And You decided to perform and compete at Recital Hall.

Now in the same hall 18 year old is also performing and his performance is scheduled just before your performance and you are sitting in the audience to watch and listen what this young kid is going to perform. This kid is also claiming that he has created many original compositions similar to Bach/Beethoven and Mozart.

At the back of your mind you are appreciating this young kid that he has at least started to learn classical music so early in his life (because you started only at the age of 25 and then spent 30 years to become good music composure). You are confident that he could not even come anywhere near to compositions you could create but still you are happy that kids these days are so confident and learn at the very early age.

And the name of the Kid is announced and he is coming on stage. What? He doesn’t have any musical instruments with him? No team of Orchestra etc. He just have one laptop bag. He opens his laptop and attaches the speakers wire to it and boom he pressed enter!

Now you could not believe your eyes and ears! It’s original composition similar to Beethoven and far better than you could create. You are shocked. What did this kid do? How did he create such an extraordinary piece of work similar to Beethoven at his age? Wait!! the kid did not stop. Now he pressed another enter and here come original composition similar to Bach and then another Enter after few more minutes and you could hear original composition similar to Mozart.

Before you could faint with what you are seeing and listening he pressed another enter and now you get mixed original composition which seems like Bach,Mozart and Beethoven are sitting together in front of Audience and playing.

Now what if you come to know that this Kid did not spent even a minute learning music composed by Bach/Mozart and Beethoven? He just loaded the music composition data of Bach/Mozart and Beethoven into his computer and then ran computer program which automatically create original compositions similar to these classical musicians by using their database and logic build in the program. Why will people come to listen you when this kid will give better music just by click of mouse? Have you wasted 30 years of your life to become great Music composure? Are you not required anymore from commercial perspective?
These are some scary questions.If You don’t believe what I just explained then let us first watch this Youtube video here. Prof Harari, Yuval Noah. also talk about this in his new masterpiece book as follow:

“Prof David Cope is a musicology professor at the University of California in Santa Cruz. He is also one of the more controversial figures in the world of classical music. Cope has written programs that compose concertos, chorales, symphonies and operas. His first creation was named EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence), which specialised in imitating the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. It took seven years to create the program, but once the work was done, EMI composed 5,000 chorales à la Bach in a single day. Cope arranged a performance of a few select chorales in a music festival at Santa Cruz. Enthusiastic members of the audience praised the wonderful performance, and explained excitedly how the music touched their innermost being. They didn’t know it was composed by EMI rather than Bach, and when the truth was revealed, some reacted with glum silence, while others shouted in anger.
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow“

If you want to listen some of the music created by EMI you can listen here and here.

Well what will happen to your performance after the performance of that 18 years old kid, you could already imagine 🙂

Do you still want to become a Classical Music Composure? Well think again!